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You cannot shut the voice of conservatives
Petition to Maria Ruz

You cannot shut the voice of sitting President

Maria Ruz 57 supporters 2
Tucker Carlson should replace Rush Limbaugh
Petition to Tucker Carlson

Rush Limbaugh was the leading conservative voice for American Patriots. He was ...

James Cook 9 supporters
Trump WON! We demand justice….decertification of bogus results & a contingent election!
Petition to Brian Kemp

INTRODUCTION: We are at a critical point in our history. If we ...

Maryla Webb Studer 56 supporters
Dallas County, TX, US
The Resignation of Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax
Petition to Eric Johnson

We demand the immediate resignation of Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax for ...

Keep Dallas Safe 5 supporters
Putnam County, NY, US
The removal of Gender Queer: A Memoir – Maia Kobabe From the Carmel Central School District Library
Petition to Carmel School District Board of Education members and the Commissioner of Education

Hi, Every household and family is vastly different. It's not the school's place ...

Carmela atria 114 supporters
The Pursuit of a Just and Honest Election
Petition to Arizona State Legislature

Petition to the State Legislatures of the Battleground States Regarding the Presidential ...

Jack R. Graham 52 supporters
Tennesseans for Joining the Texas Lawsuit Against PA, GA, MI, WI
Petition to Herbert H. Slatery III

We, the undersigned eligible voters of the State of Tennessee, are imploring ...

David Anderson 60 supporters
Tell Google to allow us to opt out of 2-step verification
Petition to Google

Google has recently implemented 2 step verification as mandatory on accounts, ...

undefined undefined 9 supporters
STOP THE STEAL: Joe Biden is Not My President — 80 Million Patriots Stand with President Trump!
Petition to Supreme Court

President Trump won this election. But the Democrats, Big Tech, and the Fake ...

Conservative Change 107,8K supporters 35
Stop the Steal
Petition to Tricia Holder

There is massive evidence that President Trump is the winner of the ...

Patricia Holtke 87 supporters 2
Stop the conservative cancel culture
Petition to Nicole Eagle

Hodgetwins on Facebook Wendy Bell on KDKA radio the biased media and social network ...

NicoleRenee Eagle 78 supporters 2
Stand for national anthem
Petition to Dan bongino

Respect the blue the flag the vote the choice the constitution all ...

James smith 122 supporters 5