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Trump WON! We demand justice….decertification of bogus results & a contingent election!

Trump WON! We demand justice….decertification of bogus results & a contingent election!
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INTRODUCTION: We are at a critical point in our history. If we don't take a stand now, our democracy has died. Our votes are meaningless. We cannot let this travesty stand -- this is not only about Donald Trump, and the election being stolen from him and a few down ballot candidates, this is about confidence in our elections from this point forward. We cannot let those responsible get away with the biggest election fraud and the biggest scandal perhaps being perpetrated on the American people in American history. To recap for those who either have not followed it closely OR who perhaps don't know exactly WHY those of are so sure that there was not only voter fraud but election fraud, let me spell it out for you. The bottom line, the fraud is so "in your face" it is unbelievable - astoundingly vast in depth and breadth And the fact that the main stream media and big tech continue to preach preach preach like the sheer repetition of denial is going to make our belief that there was fraud "go away" -- astounds me. It tells me that "thou dost protest too much" and that they are desperate for Joe Biden to "win". Why? because Donald Trump cannot be bought and Joe Biden will do their bidding -- which is NOT in the best interest of the American people -- but ONLY in the interest of the major billionaires and corporations who apparently currently control this country, some of whom are bent on the destruction of the free capitalist society which has made America great in the past and is doing so again. They are NOT interested that Communist China and the Communist Chinese Party (the CCP) aim to take over the fact many support it. Gone forever would the last bastion of freedom this world has known. I am not overstating. Look already at our freedom of speech and our "free speech" - I can't believe the world in which I live that our voices would be so stifled. What are they afraid of? They are AFRAID of a free people who think and act for themselves and who believe in the Constitution. There is overall evidence that many if not most of the "irregularities", some of which are listed below, was a planned election fraud. Democrats started months before the election trying to change the laws in various states such as allowing hundreds of thousands of unsolicited mail-in ballots to be mailed out (in the past a mail-in ballot had to be solicited), allowing drop boxes rather than the US mail (which can make chain of custody problematic), extending the time when ballots could be received PAST November 3rd, and also loosening signature verification and other safeguards such as checking voter rolls. If they couldn't get the legislatures to pass these changes, they would go around them to the state attorney general and the courts to get them mandated (contravening state law and making these ballots illegal). Dominion voting machines, which have now been PROVEN to have a 68% error rate and allow for manual and internet manipulation, were bought and brought into the key Democratically controlled counties. Then, voting count was stopped in the middle of the night in the key swing states all at the same time, with Donald Trump vastly in the lead. (Sidney Powell postulates that they didn't count on such a surge for Trump and the algorithm wasn't sufficient to wipe out Trump's almost insurmountable lead, so they had to stop the count and make up the difference with masses of illegal ballots or tampering with the vote inside of the machine.) Most of these places saw massive irregular spikes in the vote count, such as 1.2 million at one time, nearly 100% for Biden. Since the machines can only handle 3,000 votes an hour, such spikes were impossible to be accounted for with normal procedure. THE BIG PICTURE: There is incredible "common sense" evidence that Donald Trump was the true winner of the election - that "something stinks in Denmark" . It defies logic and mathematical probability and years of election data that he did not win. Note the following from Patrick Basham in the Spectator (November 27): (1) Donald Trump increased his election results from 2016 by a whopping 20%. NO PRESIDENT HAS EVER LOST RE-ELECTION IF HE INCREASED HIS VOTE. (2) Trump substantially increased his minority vote, nearly doubling this African American vote from 2016. Biden did much WORSE on minority vote nationally than Obama and even Hillary Clinton, and received less than 90% According to election analytics, it is impossible for a Democrat to win with less of 90% of the African American vote, especially with a proportionally low turnout. (3) A study of a dozen metrics of election predictors, including such things as enthusiasm in opinion polls, the number of individual donations, party registrations trends leading up to the election, and Google searches, strongly indicated a Trump win in 2020 just as in 2016. In fact these metrics have historically had a 100% accuracy rate, but Trump lost?! Not only would EACH of these metrics been wrong for the first time, but for ALL of them to be wrong at the same time as ALL of the others is virtually statistically impossible. (4) Biden did poorly in ALL of the country EXCEPT where it absolutely mattered, in these swing states with Democratically controlled big cities such as Philadelphia, Detroit, and Atlanta. In these places, like clockwork, we saw a very similar, very improbably scenario unfold -- ALL saw an unprecedented and sudden cessation of counting at a time when Donald Trump was comfortably up by hundreds of thousands of votes, statistically impossible spikes in votes for Biden where he received nearly 100% of the vote, uncharacteristically low absentee ballot rejection rates, and a drawn out process of counting that lasted far longer than any in US history, until Biden was in the lead, in some cases a very small lead. It SHOULD be noted that these cities have a reputation anyway for endemic voter fraud and there were in this case as well hundreds of affidavits attesting to the irregularities (some of which will be outlined below). (5) The Republicans had a blow out on election night - a massive swell of Republican support. They did not lose a SINGLE Republican incumbent and even took back 12 seats in the House and flipped a few State legislative bodies from Blue to Red. Joe Biden had NO down ballot wins, no coat tails at all, and yet Donald Trump, the head of the ticket, lost the election?! (6) According to Daniel Horowitz in the Blaze, election day saw highly improbable gaps NEVER seen before. Down ballot Republicans did worse than Trump on election day, but on the mail-in ballots, did BETTER than Trump. Biden outperformed democrats on mail-in ballots by a wide margin. and even though nation-wide, Trump received an unprecedented 95% of the Republican vote, Biden magically won 20% of the Republican vote on mail-in and an unlikely 80% of the Independent vote. (7) Also according to Horowitz, Trump was up greatly from 2016 in Ohio, Florida, and Iowa, and even won Ohio by 8 points, making it highly unlikely that he would recede in the rust belt. In fact, this illustration shows just how likely that there was manipulation of the vote in PA . There are two contiguous counties with essentially the same demographic - Erie County in PA and is often combined with Youngstown, Warren County OH they are so similar for marketing statistics. Trump did well last election in Warren County, but even managed to flip it this election cycle. Yet Trump LOST the adjacent county of Erie, PA, defying all logic. ELECTION IRREGULARITIES AND INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD: The evidence of voter fraud is MASSIVE and baffles me that anyone who LOOKED would say otherwise, other than the fact that the "powers that be" are doing their best to brain-wash the masses that there is "nothing to see here" by repeating the same mantra over and over....without ANYTHING to back up their statement. The following examples are just skimming the surface of the hundreds and hundreds of signed affidavits. However, some are egregious examples that are hard to dispute as anything but evidence of massive malfeasance with the intent to ensure a win for Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential election by massive cheating, with the appearance of being orchestrated and planned. (1) Jesse Morgan, a truck driver and subcontractor for the US Postal Service, has signed a sworn affidavit that he drove from Bethpage, N.Y., to Lancaster, PA a trailer full of upwards 288,000 ballots. The trailer disappeared overnight from the USPS depot where he had dropped it. He also reported that he experienced "odd behaviors" from USPS personnel and was not given any of the normal chain of custody paperwork and witnessed other deviations from normal procedure. (2) Georgia's State Farm Arena, the ballot counting area for Fulton County, told everyone that a pipe had burst and everyone was to go home -- that they were done counting for the night. After everyone left, video security cameras show four people pulling suitcases containing thousands of ballots that had been hidden under a black table -- taking the ballots to the back of the room and putting them through four or five counting machines for 2 to 2.5 hours. Since each machine can handle 3,000 ballots an hour, we are talking about a minimum of 20,000-30,000 ballots. Biden only "won" Georgia by 12,000 votes.
(3) A whistleblower in Detroit, a 30+ year civil servant, has signed an affidavit that for weeks was instructed to, and engaged in, altering ballots and back-dating from the 4th to the 3rd. she knows the name of the supervisor, the other workers and the dates that this activity occurred. (4) Again in Georgia, nine witnesses while watching the recount saw 1,000s of unspoiled ballots being counted. An unspoiled ballot is one that has never been folded. A mail-in ballot has is folded in three places before it is put in an envelope. (5) Vince Kaufman, a data analyst living in Zurich, Switzerland, went to bed with Trump up nearly a million votes and vote up with Trump losing in WI, PA, MI. He knew from his mathematics training that it didn't make sense for there to have been such a hard swing, and he began to do research just in PA and using publicly available data. These are some of the anomalies that he found: (a) more ballots returned and counted than had been sent out to voters in the first place, (b) 2,500 people registered to vote using PO boxes (illegal), (c) data sets where everyone in the same zip code all requested ballots on the same day, voted, and then got sent them back all on the same day, (d) 10,000 votes with dates all perfectly synchronized, over 90% for Joe Biden and all sent to Trader Joe addresses that belonged to shopping malls. In PA, the difference between Biden and Trump (6) In GA, the difference between the number of ballots marked ONLY for Biden versus the number marked ONLY for Trump was 96,800 only for Biden and 800 marked ONLY for Trump. In any election, there will be some small number of ballots marked for ONLY the President and no down ballot. However, when the total number of these type ballots differ greatly between candidates, the less likely that this is due to random chance. A statistical method called the Bernouli Trial can calculate the likelihood of this scenario that was supposed to have occurred in Georgia. The likelihood was 1 out of 10 to the power of other words, IMPOSSIBLE. (7) In AZ, a mathematician has shown that the likelihood of the voting results and pattern seen in that election was most likely due to the Dominion voting machines counting a Biden vote as 1.3 votes and a Trump vote as 0.7 votes. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a MIT PHD, gave a convincing presentation to the AZ legislature and testified that the machines have a feature called "vote weighting". The only reason for such a feature is election fraud. A 30 minute video of the presentation can be seen at (8) In Georgia, ....found that a minimum of 143,880 ballots were cast illegally: 2,506 felons, 66,243 under-age voters (under 17.5 years old), 2,423 voters not listed as registered, 1,043 registered to vote with a PO box address, 4,926 voted in GA registered after the GA registration date, 10,315 voters who was deceased by the November 3rd election, 395 who had cast ballots in another state, 15,700 with a national change of address presented to the USPO after the 30 day deadline, and 40,279 who had moved across county lines and failed to properly register to vote in their new county. (9) In Wisconsin, according to Rudi Guiliani, the WI law requires that you apply for an absentee ballot, and the application has to be kept. In WI, there were 60,000 ballots counted with no application, mostly from Milwaukee County. (10) In Detroit Michigan, according to 3 witness affidavits, including a Dominion employee, a truck showed up in the middle of the night at the counting center with 100,000 ballots in garbage cans. (11) In Arizona, hundreds of Republic voters ONLY testified that they were given sharpies to fill out the ballots. Sharpies do not pick up properly in the voting tabulators and it was a well known instruction that this was the case. (12) In Pennsylvania, Gregory Stemstrom, a certified poll watcher and a Navy veteran and computer forensic analyst, saw gross divergence from the standard procedure which he believes resulted in fraud. Normally, to keep the forensics of EACH voting machine clean, 3 things are supposed to be collected and sealed in a baggie with the machine specifics (the USB stick for that machine, the hard drive cartridge, and the paper tape). Without clean forensics, you cannot be sure or evaluate the voting results. He saw that night (after he finally got into the counting room after hours of wrangling and finally bringing in an attorney) two things which horrified him: (i) Deputies who had collected these items from 438 precincts all jumbled together in a large bin and after trying to sort it out, 32 precincts were missing. When questioned, they said they did it for "convenience". (ii) Then a supervisor showed up with baggies of USB drives and began to load them into the machines. When he objected, they told him he was there just to observe. This was at 1:06 am. When the next update occurred in the vote, Biden as up 50,0000 votes. Stromberg has asked for an analysis of what happened. He said, it would only take simple analytics to know....he has been stonewalled and the 47 USB sticks have disappeared. WHAT IS THE PATH MOVING FORWARD? ISN'T IT TOO LATE? NO, it is NOT too late. There are several constitutional answers to the unprecedented voting fiasco in which we find ourselves. In addition, I believe that if election fraud and criminality is involved, and it is proved , there is NO statute of limitations so to speak on reversing the election results. (By the way, I think election fraud largely HAS been proved - but the mainstream media and law enforcement etc. - has been purposefully ignoring the massive proof that exists). (1) Article 2 Section 1 Clause 2 of the US Constitution provides power SOLELY to the State Legislators. That means that they are the ONLY ones who can legislate election law in a state, or change the rules in which elections can be carried out. When we go vote, we are NOT electing the President, we are "telling" the legislators for whom they should send the electors to the electoral college. If the legislators believe that the election was a fraud, they CAN choose to send electors for any candidate they choose or they can choose NOT to send any electors at all. (Even if the election was "certified" and electors slated for Joe Biden, which has now occurred, if the courts rule an election was fraudulent, these electors may be declared null and void. AND, the legislators themselves, upon reviewing the growing mound of information, can decide that they made a mistake and take the certification back.) (2) In each battleground state where there WERE the gross "irregularities" and continuing legal court battles, some Republican state legislators who DO appear to have a moral compass and understand what hangs in the balance, voted for an alternative slate of electors who will send their results up to Congress. These "alternate" electors would be recognized when the joint session of Congress convenes on January 6th to count the electoral votes in the case the Trump campaign succeeds in any of its legal battles. Moreover, electors CAN choose anyone they want besides the one for whom they are "pledged" in many states. (32 states and DC mandate their electors vote for whom they pledged.) (3) By federal law, the Electoral Count Act (ECA), if any state's election or ballots are challenged by ONE member of the House and Senate, each chamber then meets separately and votes whether to uphold the challenges after two hours of debate per challenge. If the challenge is upheld, the electoral votes that were cast for one candidate or another may be thrown out -- IF passed by both the Democratically controlled House and Republican controlled Senate. Many states ARE going to be challenged, and EACH electoral vote can be challenged in each contested state. Mo Brooks House Representative from Alabama has already said that he will challenge the election of some of these battleground states and he already has two potential Senatorial co-sponsors: Senators Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rand Paul of Kentucky. (4) The TX court case that was dismissed to the Supreme Court has not died. It was just split up into the different battleground states and will continue with Trump as the aggrieved party, among others I believe. There is no way that the Supreme Court can rule that Trump does not have standing. If the Supreme Court decides to hear one or more of these or other cases being brought in these states, and hears it ON THE MERITS, a favorable ruling is likely. What is likely to occur is that they will not pick a winner, but MIGHT decide to throw out the results altogether, which would mean that particular state would have NO electoral vote whatsoever. (5) Considering both points 3 and 4, we could end up with what is called a contingent election. This occurs when no candidate ends up with the requisite 270 electoral votes to claim the Presidency. In a contingent election, where there is no clear winner, the House of Representatives picks the next President. This vote is NOT based on a plurality of the entire House however. Each state represented gets ONE vote. Since there are more Republican states than Democratic ones, Trump and Pence will likely serve their second term. WHAT DO WE WANT AND WHO DO WE WANT IT FROM? Mainly, we want our legislators, both at the state level and the national level, and our jurists at the station and national level, particularly those who call themselves Republican, to educate themselves about exactly what went down in this election and what's at state if we allow an illegitimate and illegal Biden Presidency to come to fruition. In particular, they need to educate themselves to the dangers of the Chinese Communist Party and the vulnerabilities and risks of a compromised and corrupt Biden were he to assume the most powerful position in the world. If they don't understand the risks to our country and the world of the CPP, they do NOT need to be in a leadership position and we will VOTE THEM OUT. Secondly, if they have no backbone to do what is right and have no moral compass from a fear of reprisals or an angry mob, and/or only care about their political future....let me give them some news, they are going to LOSE their power and position when an angry Trump electorate VOTE THEM OUT! But here are some most important particulars with the most potential impact: (1) In Georgia, we want Governor Kemp to require signature matching, hold a special session of his legislators to investigate the fraud and illegal ballots, AND to postpone the election there until February as the Lin Wood lawsuit is requesting. (2) We want State Courts and especially the Supreme Court to grow a backbone and to hear any upcoming voter fraud lawsuits and address them ON THE MERITS, and to quit finding some technical procedural excuse NOT to do their duty to the citizens of the US who voted OVERWHELMINGLY for Trump and who KNOW they were cheated. (3) We want other US Senators and Congressmen to step up, like Mo Brooks, to contest the electors being presented as illegitimate and take the tough vote on the next President of the US. (We want Mitch McConnell to back this endeavor and to quit blocking the wishes of the majority of the US citizens.) (4) We want law enforcement (federal, state, city, wherever) to step up - investigate and prosecute this fraud!! We KNOW that there ARE some good guys left (who aren't Deep State) that STILL reside in the FBI, CIA, Federal Prosecutors -- and we need you to step up! We the People and the President of the U.S. will back you. (5) In this vein, we DEMAND that a Federal Prosecutor be appointed with subpoena power to investigate this greatest heist, most heinous crime on the American people - the theft of the Presidency. IN CONCLUSION I can’t believe what I am witnessing. Mass insanity….mass insanity….Theft is theft. When someone steals a car? Do we say, oh well, we’ll make sure that the garage is locked next time? NO!!! We arrest the perpetrators and give the car back to the rightful owner. Is not the Presidency of the United States of America not more valuable than any car?? Than even the Hope Diamond?! Than about any “thing” that one can think of except our spiritual salvation? Unfortunately, I think the Presidency has been stolen by those who “bought off” just about everyone except a few Patriots holding the line for President Trump, our democracy, our freedom, truth, morality, and just about everything we hold dear. If we allow this “theft” to occur, what we get, we will deserve….which is likely loss of freedoms we hold dear – like the right to free speech, which shockingly has already been controlled in a way that I would have NEVER thought possible in the United States, our economic prosperity, and even our liberty as a free nation and inexorably and definitively, Communist China (with whom Biden is highly compromised) slowly takes over the world and eventually the USA. That this election was stolen has by now been massively proven to anyone who has bothered to look at the mounds of ever growing evidence, despite attempts to control and discredit the information flows. If the powers desperate to unseat Trump try to convince us otherwise, my reply is “Go sell crazy somewhere else.” Now, we have mounds and mounds of research showing hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots cast, mathematicians proving with their models that what occurred on election night was statistically so improbable as to be virtually impossible, thousands of signed affidavits attesting to hundreds of irregularities (despite the harassment and repercussions that these brave souls have had to face), from trucks of ballots being driven around the country, instructions on how to back date, loss of chain of custody, voting machines with 68% error rates that allow easy manipulation of the vote (the allowable error rate is 1 in 250,000), lack of signature matching instructed by the democratically controlled election boards and allowed by programming scanners essentially NOT to catch poor matches, millions of mail in ballots that weren’t checked against voter rolls, and a ghastly lack of transparency that makes one wonder – WHAT IT IS THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO HIDE? We know, massive not only voter fraud, but election fraud. We the people are NEVER going to back down. We are never going to let a Biden illegal Presidency go forward. Are we going to let this country be governed by MOB RULE?? by FEAR OF VIOLENCE? NO!!! Are you listening Mitch McConnell? John Roberts? We do not want it “FIXED” sometime in the future. We want it fixed NOW!! We are NOT going to accept things any other way. We demand FULL TRANSPARENCY; and we are CERTAIN that when all LEGAL ballots are counted and all ILLEGAL ballots are thrown out, that Trump will be the clear winner of the Presidency.

References and Resources: Most of the material presented here was garnered listening to Steve Bannon's War Room on America's Voice. Patriots, old and new, MUST get hooked in.
The best resource, which unfortunately didn't come out until I was done with this Petition, is a report by Peter Navarro, an economist with a PhD from Harvard, author of several books, and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. See The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities. This excellent 36 page report is highly understandable and comprehensive. His analysis is irrefutable. It ends with a comprehensive 6 page list of reference materials. 36-page report The attached table is from his report.

Another very comprehensive list of resources used to be found on one of the websites of Sidney Powell. See and See the attached report on the forensics of Dominion voting machines: See for yourself the Georgia Video showing the Election Fraud - It has NOT been debunked.

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Trump WON!! We demand justice....decertification of bogus results & a contingent election!


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