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Say No to Social Emotional Learning (SEL/CRT) in Our Schools

Education in Bullitt County, KY, US
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Social Emotional Learning (SEL/CRT) is a federal government learning program that promotes the ideas of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Social Justice propaganda to teach children how to have proper attitudes, behaviors, and ethical decision making skills. Of course they don't just come right out and say this, but I promise, when you start peeling back the layers into what is in the curriculum you will be shocked! Examples from across the country include but are not limited to; students taking surveys asking about their gender identity and sexual preferences, teaching breathing techniques such as meditation and "Yoga" to help with life's stresses. Explaining how to be "Non Judgemental'' which basically means how not to have your own opinions, explaining the harm of "whiteness" and its effects on society, and all of this of course being taught by non licensed therapists, i.e. teachers. It requires approximately 20-30 minutes of instructional time per day incorporated into the already heavy schedule of academic learning available to our children. Where will this time come from? What will it replace? All questions unanswered at this time.

The company who creates the instructional material for SEL is CASEL. They are funded by organizations like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, New Profit, NoVo Foundation, Pure Edge, Inc., and more. All Philanthropy organizations pushing an agenda of "catalyzing transformation in global society, moving from a culture of domination to one of equity and partnership". And of course promote and fund concepts related to CRT.

Unfortunately the promise of "free money" (ESSERIII) from the federal government for local school districts became too much to resist for our local School District when they agreed to receive the Grant without first notifying parents or reviewing the rules. If we accept the funds, the federal government will require some type of implementation of these SEL practices in order to receive those funds.

Under the U.S. Constitution, "public school officials cannot preach or promote religious beliefs to students''. If our kids can't have prayer time, read their bibles, or talk about their Lord and Savior they shouldn't be instructed on philosophies, ideas, and behaviors that align with Hinduism, Buddhism, Yoga, etc., which are all practices associated with this learning curriculum!

Please sign the Petition and let's make it clear that it is still in God we trust, not the federal Government!

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Say No to Social Emotional Learning (SEL/CRT) in Our Schools


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