Patricia Holtke


Joined December 4, 2020

ON FEBRUARY 28, 2021, SENATOR RICHARD PAN OF SACRAMENTO, CA WROTE THIS ARTICLE ~ "This campaign to deny potentially lifesaving vaccines to those seeking them, and to poison public opinion ...

Petition to United States House of Representatives
Remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House

We the American people are fed up with the house democrats not fulfilling their elected duties. Nancy Pelosi's hatred of our current president has rendered her unable to do her job ...

We the people of Illinois do nearby demand the removal of Adam Kinzinger from the position of representative of the 16th congressional district. He publicly announced shortly after the ...

Petition to Tricia Holder
Stop the Steal

There is massive evidence that President Trump is the winner of the election. We now need to demand a second election with absolutely NO mail-in votes. Of course ...